Poultry Farming in Kerala


Poultry Farming in Kerala

Poultry Farming in Kerala - We are one of the leading poultry farming in Kerala. "Samagra" is an NGO in Kerala, given priorities and working for Child Welfare and Women Empowerment and organizing various projects for the economic development of the Economically backwards people. This NGO is also working for Food safety through a better Agri-Culture. Now, Samagra is entered into a major milestone in its history. Samagra is moving ahead with a slogan “One Egg- for us and Nation” targeting the State Government's policy for participate in the total development of the society using the optimum utilization of the physical resources and possibilities if self-employement.

In the Global scenario, India is in 3rd place in the production of eggs and only 6% is produced in Kerala, which is not enough for its demands and therefore the State is forced to depend on other States.

Same like our efforts for the self sufficiency in agriculture, the target of the “One Egg- for us and Nation” project is to achieve the self sufficiency in egg production along with a healthy lifestyle and living and increase the earning potential of low-income groups.

Samagra has been started with a clear focus to reach the Economically backward people through poultry development and allied business activities for the development by way of organizing Agra-awareness programs, generate income through agriculture, targeting and enhancing the concept of pesticide- free farming, distribution and consumption. In this context, the Samagra has been started the innovative concept of farming the hens for eggs and its allied products in-order to reach before the general public in a healthy and safe way.

It has been proved scientifically that, the “Omega-3 Fatty Acid” is very essential for the development of children and adults. Samagra is producing the special fodder to produce the eggs, which are are rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acid( contains Azola, termite-hives and herbals).

Samagara is introducing the concept that every home should have a Hen-nest.