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to enhance agricultural

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In order to promote the 'self-sufficiency' and 'empowerment of women' and also for the upliftment of the backward communities of the State, Samagra has developed various projects. We gives priority for social self-sufficiency and the development of a farming culture.We enhance people's participation in the utilization of the government's vision for the overall development of the society through collective working and give helping hands for improving agricultural production by finding self-employment through maximizing the available physical conditions. This is the main objective of ’One egg for us One egg for the society’ initiative.

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forwards the idea
of 'One chicken
nest for one

Every micro units will be provided with high breeding capable BV -380 chickens and also provides scientificaly designed hi-tech nests and organic poultry products. ”


Kerala only produces 6% of the total egg production in india. Samagra’s initiative includes influencing people to enhance egg production by promoting self employement.
We aims to develop farming awarness among people and build a self sufficient and healthy society

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‘AN EGG FOR A KID’ project was inaugurated ,.statewide by honorable mayor Adv Prashanth on PMG vocational higher secondary school,TRIVANDRUM. “It is remarkable that our township is one of the cleanest urban cities in India, we are proud to go with the idea of self-sufficiency by the farming community SAMAGRA, said Adv.Prashanth in his inaugural address.In the inauguration ceremony Principal of the school Principal Smt. Sahida Beevi, Head mistress Smt. Geetha, councilor Binu IP, Advocate Jatin Dasas, President of Samagra Sri. Arun. S, Shri. Abdul Jaleel etc addressed the public.
samagra kuttikoru mutta project
The “Child’s Egg” program, which will be implemented free of cost for a year for women’s welfare of women, will be inaugurated by the General Secretary of Child Welfare Samithi Sri. Deepak S. P takes the principal office bearers and the eggs for children..
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